Tank Trucks

Hauling fluids to and from your oil & gas site is impossible without the right equipment. Diamond Valley Pressure Services is here to help you get any hauling job done, quickly. Our fleet of tank trucks is capable of hauling fluids such as methanol, condensate, fuel, water or disposal fluids.


Diamond Valley’s Tank Truck Fleet


  • 19m3 – 4 compartment aluminum tank
  • 16m3 – 3 compartment steel tank
  • 19m3 – 2 compartment aluminum tank
  • 19m3 – 2 compartment stainless steel tank


  • For extra storage
  • Assortment of quads, pups, and trailers

Tank Truck Applications

Fluid Hauling for Completions

When it's time to complete a project, our tank trucks roll in with unmatched efficiency. Filling Poseidon tanks and tank farms involves precision. Our tank trucks ensure the fluid logistics for completions are seamless, providing the necessary support to keep your operations flowing smoothly.

Fluid Hauling for Well Servicing

Whether you need support with well abandonments or other well servicing needs, our fleet is ready for action. Diamond Valley Pressure Services' tank trucks ensure that your well servicing operations have the fluid resources they need, precisely when you need them.

Fluid Management on Pipeline Testing

Pipeline testing demands accuracy, and our tank trucks step up to the challenge. Supporting pressure testing units with ample fluid for specific pipeline fills is where we excel. Our tank trucks are more than carriers; they ensure the testing unit has a constant and reliable fluid supply for accurate and efficient operations.

Key Features

Remarkable Capacity

Our tank trucks boast remarkable capacity, poised to handle substantial loads with ease. Engineered for the demands of the industry, they redefine efficiency in oil and gas transportation.

Strategic Flexibility

Whether you're dealing with completions, well servicing, or pipeline testing, our tank trucks offer strategic flexibility to adapt to the unique demands of each operation.

Expertly Trained Crews

Operating our tank trucks are crews with years of experience. These professionals guarantee that every journey is executed seamlessly.

Partner with Diamond Valley Pressure for our tank trucks to start rolling out and transporting fluids to and from your site. Contact our 24 hour dispatch now.