Acid Pumpers

Whether you have a new well that you want to ensure optimized productivity from the start or you have an existing well that needs productivity restored, our fleet of acid pumpers can get the job done.

At Diamond Valley Pressure, we know you’re about rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done - and so are we. We have a fleet of acid pumpers built to tackle the immediate needs of the oil and gas industry. If you're knee-deep in well stimulation, production enhancement, or acidizing, our comprehensive fleet is ready to handle whatever your oilfield operation needs done when it comes to acid pumping. 

Partner with Diamond Valley Pressure for unmatched reliability, efficiency, and innovation in acid pumping for your oil and gas operations. Contact 24 hour dispatch to find out more about our fleet and services or to get our acid pumpers on site.


Diamond Valley’s Acid Pumper Fleet

Tridem Acid Pumpers

  • 165 HP Gardner Denver 3x5 Triplex Pump
  • Volume at maximum RPM -525LPM up to 2000 PSI
  • Maximum allowable working pressure – 6000 PSI
  • Fiberglass Tank Capacity – 13M3, 2 Compartment
  • Mobile Data Acquisition System
  • Emergency Shower Unit on-board
  • Additional pup-trailer upon request


  • Assortment of quads, pups, and trailers

Acid Pumping Applications

Well Stimulation

Our acid pumpers don't mess around when it comes to well stimulation. They boost permeability and hydrocarbon production. Carbonate or sandstone, it doesn't matter; we've got the heavy-duty solution for your needs.

Enhanced Production 

We use advanced acidizing techniques to wipe out formation damage, cranking up the efficiency of your wells.

Acid Fracturing

Do you have reservoirs with low permeability? Our acid pumpers go in, rip through the rock, and carve out conductive channels in the formation, letting your well flow like it's supposed to.

Key Features

All In One Units

Our acid pumpers are equipped with onboard emergency showers. Not only are we making safety procedures more readily available, you won’t be wasting any more time or money renting multiple pieces of equipment.

High Pressure

These acid pumpers are engineered to deliver high pressure and optimized flow rates, letting us effectively penetrate and treat reservoir formations. This is the way you’ll optimize production performance.

Safety Compliance

While we focus on getting the job done, our crew also prioritizes safety. Our acid pumpers come with industry compliant safety features. We aim to protect your operations while delivering rock solid services.


You need a partner who knows how to improve productivity. Our crew of experienced and trained operators guarantees that our equipment is utilized to its full potential, adding to the success of your oil and gas projects.

If you are looking to improve the output of your oil & gas site, contact Diamond Valley Pressure Services to enlist the help of our expansive fleet of acid pumpers and experienced operators.