Chemical Sales

An all in one solution for chemicals and pressure testing services not only saves you time but headaches as well. Diamond Valley Pressure Services has expanded our services to include chemical sales to make your job easier. Different chemicals are used for different applications, such as the chemicals we pump down wells or into pipelines. To meet the diverse needs of your oil & gas operation, we stock Soda Ash, Hydrochloric, Condensate, Wax Dispersants, and many other industry known chemicals.

We only work with trusted chemical manufacturers in the industry to supply you with the best solution to improve productivity and safety in your oil & gas operation.

These chemicals drive the quality services that we provide. However, you can also purchase the chemicals directly.

But we don't just supply chemicals; we also offer storage, mixing and transportation services. 


Comprehensive Chemical Solutions

Acid Pumping

From powerful acids to specialized blends, we provide acid pumping chemicals that break barriers and optimize performance.

Pressure Testing

When it's time to test your equipment to ensure safety and productivity, our pressure testing chemicals get the job done right. 

Chemical Injection

Our chemicals extend seamlessly to chemical injection skids. From mixing to storage and transportation, we've got the entire lifecycle covered, providing solutions that adapt to your operational demands.

Key Components

Custom Formulations

No two operations are the same, and neither should your chemicals. We can tailor formulations to meet your oil and gas operation's unique needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Secure Storage

Our chemical storage solutions are designed with robust safety measures, ensuring that your chemicals are secure and ready for deployment when needed.

Efficient Transportation

Getting the right chemicals to the right place at the right time is critical. Our efficient transportation systems ensure that your chemical supply chain remains uninterrupted.

Strategic Support for Oil and Gas Operations

Enhanced Production

Whether it's optimizing well stimulation or maintaining the integrity of equipment, we contribute to the continuous and efficient extraction of resources.

Equipment Longevity

Corrosion, scale, and hydrates can wreak havoc on equipment. Our chemicals act as defenders, ensuring the longevity of your assets and minimizing the impact of damaging elements.

Contact Diamond Valley Pressure Services today through our 24-hour dispatch to learn more about our chemicals and chemical support services.