Methanol Sales

Methanol is the most efficient option for hydro testing, especially in the winter. Finding a reliable methanol distributor is just the first step in keeping your pipes and vessels safe from leaks. Diamond Valley Pressure Services sells, delivers, and pumps methanol. 

We have our own tank farm, allowing us to hold up to 600,000 L of methanol at our facility. This allows us to buy methanol in bulk so we can pass that savings to you, our customer. We are also able to load at our location, eliminating the need for travel charges to third-party suppliers.


Diamond Valley’s Methanol Products


Our methanol adheres to the most stringent standards to ensure precise and reliable results in your pressure testing processes.


When you choose Diamond Valley Pressure's methanol, you're choosing a product that stands up to the demands of the oil and gas industry. 


Our methanol isn't just a product; it's a comprehensive support system for your operations. From initial procurement to application, we're committed to ensuring your pressure testing is seamless and effective.


Our sales approach is direct and transparent. There are no gimmicks, just a straightforward process to provide you with the premium methanol your pressure testing demands.

Versatile Methanol Applications

Pressure Testing

When it's time to test your equipment, our methanol can get the job done. It's the secret weapon in your arsenal, ensuring your pressure testing is nothing short of relentless.


Our methanol doesn't just test; it preserves. It serves as a protective shield, safeguarding your assets from the harsh conditions of the field.

Weather Performance

Operating in diverse climates is a reality in the oil and gas industry. Our methanol doesn't freeze; it thrives. It is engineered to perform consistently, even in cold environments, ensuring reliable results.

Partner with Diamond Valley Pressure for methanol products that are reliable and get the job done. We want to equip you with the right products so you can produce productivity and safety. Contact us today, and let's elevate your testing processes.