Dynamic Frac Fluid Heaters

With the cold temperatures that we reach in Alberta and throughout Western Canada, it is important to have a partner who can help keep frac fluid flowing and your operation running when the mercury dips. 

Diamond Valley Pressure Service’s dynamic frac fluid heaters redefine the standards of heat management in the oil and gas industry. These units maintain the heat needed for fracturing fluids to not freeze and to operate efficiently for extended periods.


Diamond Valley’s Dynamic Frace Fluid Heaters

Fluid Heaters:

  • 40MMBTU Water Heaters
  • 40 MBTU Propane or Natural Gas Fired
  • Up to 14 m3 per minute water flow
  • Up to 70 degree heat rise
  • CSA compliant
  • Mobile Data Acquisition with fully remote operation capabilities

Fluid Heater Applications

Cold-Weather Fracking

When freezing conditions threaten to halt your fracking operations, our frac fluid heaters are powerful tools for efficiently melting away obstacles and ensuring continuous productivity.


Elevate your well performance with our frac fluid heaters. These units deliver the right amount of heat to maintain optimal well conditions. 

Rig Temperature

Don't let your rig face the brunt of the cold. Our frac fluid heaters act as temperature guardians, optimizing conditions within your rig for comfort and efficiency during the toughest tasks.

Key Features

Heat Deployment

Our frac fluid heaters deliver controlled heat to meet the demands of your operations. Expect precision, not just warmth, from these powerhouse heaters.

Robust Construction

Crafted with resilience in mind, our heaters are built to withstand the rigorous conditions of the industry. 

Temperature Control

These frac fluid heaters offer an encompassing level of temperature control, ensuring optimal conditions for your operations, even when you are facing freezing temperatures.

Diamond Valley Pressure Services’ frac fluid heaters are not just about heating; they're about elevating the standards of heat management and productivity in your oil and gas operations. Contact us today through our 24-hour dispatch, and let's deliver rock solid frac heating services.